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  • Create value for customers and save resources for the society.

  • Company profile
  • development history
  • Founder said
  • Enterprise honor
  • Enterprise certification
  • technological innovation
  • Subsidiary corporation
  • Brand culture
  • development history

    Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

  • 2016year
    In the nineteenth world surface finishing conference won the "innovative enterprise" honorary title
  • 2015year
    To obtain the German public technology accreditation certificate, the certificate is a landmark international recognition certificate, the company for the implementation of this certificate to pay arduous efforts to the project team personnel to give 80 thousand yuan reward
    Won the first prize of Liaoning packaging industry science and Technology Progress Award
    Companies and employees to implement cooperative management model, in the sales system began to implement the individual contract area management model
  • 2014year
    "Gas phase rust proof plastic cushioning packaging sheet" products by the people's Government of Liaoning Province as "Liaoning excellent new product two prize""
  • 2013year
    "Nano high barrier gas phase rust prevention and high strength composite film" products were awarded by Liaoning provincial science and Technology Award Committee "Liaoning science and technology progress three prize""
    The project of Environmental Friendly Non barium modified rust proof oil industrialization was listed as "National Torch Program industrialization demonstration project" by torch hi tech industry development center of Ministry of science and technology"
  • 2012year
    Shenyang Bao metal protection technology Co., Ltd. (metal corrosion protection public technical service platform) was named as Liaoning province small and medium-sized enterprises public technology service platform.
    Shenyang Yinuo Plastic Co. Ltd. was established in September (a joint venture with suppliers, woven cloth products) to provide high quality for our
  • 2011year
    February 16th Ningbo Stewart Lester Paper Co. Ltd. was established (with Baosteel joint)
    The total output value of antirust company is over 500 million.
    Municipal government granted: Shenyang 2009-2010 non-public economy development hundred enterprises
  • 2010year
    The company's strategic adjustment: Shanghai branch Luodian building renovation, the new 2800 paper production line
  • 2009year
    In March 8th, the company held in Friendship Hotel plant 20th anniversary celebration, the company chairman Liu Hongwen made a solemn commitment: "green rust protective material for the society, creating value for customers, create value for society, users become the most trusted friend and partner in the metal rust protection, become the leading industry development, promote social progress and promote excellence in enterprise Chinese economic development." The public service platform for metal rust prevention and protection is listed as the central planned investment project
  • 2008year
    Establish a public service platform for metal rust prevention and protection, and provide systematic antirust protection solutions for customers
  • 2007year
    The introduction of advanced three layer co extrusion blown film production line has been awarded the post doctoral research station by Shenyang Municipal People's government and other institutions. Shen Jian trademark has been identified as a provincial and city famous trademark
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