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    Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

    CVCI's New Year's Day message

    Release time:2019-01-03 | Publisher:admin | Browse times:119

    Time whispers, coming in 2019.

    Shenyang rust prevention on the occasion of the New Year's Day,

    I would like to extend my most sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks!

    Wishing you, family and friends,

    Happy New Year, New Year!


    In 2018 we insist on customer orientation.

    Big dry, quick response,

    Try to solve more rust problems.

    Help customers build rust protection barriers.

    create value for customers.


    In the same boat, the thousands of sails will be used together.

    The harvest of the past year,

    Can not be separated from customer support and trust,

    The hard work of rust-proof people,

    And the support and attention of friends from all walks of life!


    The old age has been exhibited in thousands of brocades, and the new year has entered a hundred feet.

    In 2019, Shenyang rust has been established for 30 years.

    In the years of standing, the wind is flourishing,

    Fighting spirits are high-spirited.

    We are committed to the tenet and persistence of the rust prevention business for 30 years.

    Start a new journey and meet new challenges.


    Let us embrace 2019 together,

    Don't forget your heart, go ahead.

    Gain more growth and create more value!

    happy New Year!

    The last one:CVCI's New Year's Day messageThe next one is gone


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