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    Innovative ideas, constantly adjust the structure to cluster development to market orientation

    The Shenyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau visited and conducted a survey

    Release time:2018-12-05 | Publisher:CVCI | Browse times:144

    In order to promote the construction of Shenyang's national standardization reform and innovation pioneering zone, it will promote the development of Shenyang's military-civilian integration industry. Recently, the bureau of the Bureau of Standardization of the Municipal Bureau of the Department of Standards and Mr. Zhou Wei led the team to go deep into Shenyang Anti-rust Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Junwei Junmin Industrial Park to conduct on-the-spot investigation on the standardization of military and civilian integration. Relevant personnel from the Shenyang Institute of Standardization, the Huanggu District Market Supervision Bureau, and the Huanggu District Military-civilian Integration Industry Development Office participated in the survey.

    The research team heard reports on technological innovation, military product development, participation in military standard formulation, adoption of technology or patents by military standards, participation in military scientific research projects, etc., and announced to the enterprise the task of deepening the standardization work reform measures and the new standardization law. Relevant information, introduced the objectives and tasks of the city to create a standard reform and innovation pioneer zone, interpreted the city's standardization subsidy policy, and affirmed the positive results achieved by Huanggu

    District in promoting the development of the military-civilian integration industry.
    The research team and the relevant departments of the enterprise and the district government conducted in-depth exchanges on innovation technology and patent achievements into standards, participation in international standardization activities, group standards and enterprise standards revision, and military-civilian integration standardization incentive policy settings, and proposed three Suggestions:

    1. Focus on the transformation of innovation results (technology and patents) into standards.

    The standard is an important technical basis for the integration of military and civilian development. At the same time of technological innovation, it is necessary to further tap the advantages of product technology, summarize the solidification as the standard, and strive to upgrade the standard with unique technology to the national military standard, strengthen the implementation of standards, and focus on continuous improvement of standards. Realize technological innovation - standard creation - industrial development - a virtuous circle of brand building.

    2. Actively participate in national and international standardization activities.

    Actively strive to undertake the work of the TC/SC Secretariat, actively strive for international standard projects, and participate in international standardization meetings and participate in the drafting of international standards to enhance the ability of enterprise standard innovation.

    3. Actively explore the standardized service model for military and civilian integration.

    Give full play to the advantages of factor integration, technology integration and information convergence in the military-civilian integration industrial park, and carry out collaborative innovation of products and standards. Exploring and formulating the identification standards for military-civilian integration enterprises and the management service standards for military-civilian integration industrial parks in Shenyang, and giving full play to the technological advantages and resource advantages of Shenyang Standardization Research Institute, providing high-quality, high-standard services for the military-civilian integration industry in our city.

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