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    Shenyang antirust packaging material Co., Ltd. is the largest national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of gas phase rust preventive packaging materials

    Auto parts

    Release time:2017-07-08 | Publisher:admin | Browse times:729

    In the field of material is easy to rust and personalized demand is obvious, circulation of long distance, the characteristics of clean and high environmental protection requirements, and meet the specific safety requirements of rust proof to Europe and other countries, has a cylinder liner, piston rings, engine, engine block, crankshaft, supercharger and other auto parts products provide perfect solutions and anti rust product.
    1. Manufacture of automobile
    Typical application: CKD export of body stamping parts
    Material composition: steel plate, galvanized sheet
    Technical requirements: marine export, frame wooden box packaging, rust prevention period of 1 years
    Solution: gas phase rust film sealed package, internal jet phase rust inhibitor oil, plus desiccant

    解决方案:用气相 ope体育专业平台薄膜密封包装,内部添加气相ope体育专业平台纸,少量干燥剂

    Typical application: engine cylinder liner exit
    Material composition: Cast Iron
    Technical requirements: marine export, no oil rust prevention, wooden box packaging, rust prevention period of 1 years
    Solution: sealed with gas phase anti rust film, added with gas phase rust proof paper, surface coated with water-based antirust liquid (no crystallization)

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